Pinky Show currently in WINNIPEG, CANADA

Added on by PS Cat02.

Hi everybody. In a few hours we are getting on a Canadian jet-craft and flying to Vancouver, then Calgary, then Winnipeg. We'll be in Winnipeg for about a week for THIS.

According to meteorologists, it'll be about 45/30°F (7/-1°C) day/night in Winnipeg this week - brrr! Bunny and I will bring a camera and try to photo-document the installation. We'll post it on the website when we get back. Everybody in Toronto: don't look at the pictures otherwise it'll be boring when the exhibition gets to your city!

Okay, I'm going to go pack. Bye bye for now!


*** 11/15 UPDATE: We are safely back at home now. We'll post a special report of our Winnipeg Trip as soon as we finish writing it up & sort through our photos! ~ p.