Here Comes a Pinky Show Book

Added on by PS Cat02.

I just posted a "What's New" about this but also wanted to mention here. Pinky and I recently finished work on a picture book on the subject of violence. It will be available pretty soon, but we don't actually have a firm arrival date for the first shipment. All I know for certain so far:

• it will have a soft cover;
• the size will be about 8" x 6";
• it has many excellent pictures of cats-in-conflict inside;
• you'll like it so much you'll keep reading it over and over until the corner of each page is filthy*;
• my face is on the cover.

I don't think we're going to stop making videos but I have to say, making this book was a lot more fun than making videos.

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Thank you,

[ * I hope so ]