Lots of New Stuff Getting Done!

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Sorry, it's been a long while since I last posted an update. We've been in a good work-groove lately and working crazy long hours. We like to get as much work done as possible when things are flowing nicely. So finally, here are some updates:

First: Kaho'olawe was super good. Pinky and I came back physically very tired, but also feeling very inspired to jump back into work. So we did. We made a short video slideshow about our trip to Kaho'olawe, which we'll probably release in June.

Second: We're done with Part 3 of our Hawaii series - Hawaii vs. U.S. Imperialism. I'm happy with the way it came out. We learned a lot doing the research for this episode. Our favorite part was that we got to work closely with Dr. Teacup from UDW, who is totally amazing. And, in the video, I got to wear a nice-looking suit in one part. We're currently planning to show this episode to a Hawaii audience in mid-May. We're organizing a series of community education events to go along with that. It's funny to finish Part 3 before Parts 1 & 2 are completed, but that's just how the scheduling worked out. Watching the series out of order may make it a little hard to follow for the moment, but a year from now none of this will matter.

Three: We've been preparing for an interview we'll be doing with Dr. Patrick Wolfe, one of the world's foremost experts on the subject of settler colonialism. Unless Pinky or Dr. Wolfe prove to be totally boring and/or uninformative, which I doubt, we'll be releasing that video soon as well.

Four: Pinky and I just finished making our first book. It's a picture book on the subject of violence. When the books arrive from the printers I'll send out an announcement to everybody who's signed up for our newsletter. The subject matter is a little dark for something that kind of looks like a children's book, but who cares, we wanted to do it anyway.

Stay tuned!