July: Ridiculous Packed

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To everybody who likes to read this blog, my apologies for neither of us blogging much lately. Bunny and I have been keeping ourselves busy with lots of stuff that all together seems to have sucked all our diary-keeping time away. And since our July and August work-calender is looking very full, I doubt we'll be blogging for a while.

On the other hand, it does feel nice to finally be wrapping up work on several of our 'projects'. The IWTPYF book is finally done; now Mimi is trying to figure out how to get it 'out there' whenever she's not working at the hospital.

Everyday morning Bunny and I have been working on preparing work for an upcoming show (November/December 2009) at the 1C03 Gallery at the University of Winnipeg. Right now it's a lot of planning / reshuffling using our cute little gallery mock-up that Bunny made (thanks Bunny), plus making lots of drawings, some of which will eventually become much larger paintings. The working title for the show is The Pinky Show: Class Treason Story (excerpts).

A second art exhibition we are preparing for is scheduled for a bit later (late January 2010 opening) and will be held in Belgrade, Serbia at the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art-Belgrade. That one is called Lecture-Performance and is a historical survey of the lecture-performance format and it's development from the 1960's onwards (Robert Morris, Martha Rosler, Andrea Fraser, etc.). The short video we posted on YouTube last night is related to our preparation for this exhibition. Bunny and I will have to sort through the questions, fashion that into an interview, and finish writing the answers to the questions and submit to the folks in Belgrade by July 20th. (*low-level panic*)

A third event we're kinda-sorta preparing for is to do "something" with the Center for the Future of Museums (a project of the American Association of Museums). We were asked by their director if we would like to work with them to create a fabulous spectacle (j/k) for the AAM's 2010 annual meeting in Los Angeles. It's a big conference with about 6,000 museum people from all over the world all converging to... talk about museums (duh). We're currently bouncing some ideas back and forth, trying to figure out what's possible. Not sure if this one is going to happen or not, but (*cat alternative to crossing fingers*).

Also, we're working on finishing up episodes 2A (Daisy) and 2C (Patrick Wolfe) of the Hawaii series - two of the parts that focus on Settler Colonialism. On our calendar we scheduled things out as if we're going to be able to finish both episodes before the start of August (yeah, right). We're pretty far along, but still, media production and unforseen delays go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Also, we're still working on an episode about "nations". I think we've been working on that one on and off for almost two years and now I just want to smash it with a large, rubber mallot. We just keep re-working it because I just don't like the way it's coming out.

Also, we are collaborating with the Center for Hegemony Studies on a really great community education project. We've been working with them every Monday or Tuesday for a little more than a year now, but I think from now is when our collaboration will really start going in all kinds of new and interesting directions (sometimes good things take a long time to take root). I'll write more about this collaboration later in the year, after we've accumulated more documentation of said 'things'!

One last thing - Bunny and I will be taking a long walk in the first two weeks of August. We'll probably stay in desert-areas, but if we can get a ride with someone we were hoping to go as far as... I dunno, maybe New Mexico? We'll see. But during that time we probably won't be able to do e-mail everyday. We'll try to get to a computer every few days to check in if possible. Kim & Mimi said they will take care of things like book orders or make t-shirts while we are gone, in case we get any PS Store orders.

As I'm writing this diary entry I just realized how much coffee we're going to be drinking this month. There was a pretty good sale on coffee at the drug store and we bought 5 bags. Good thing.

Take care,