We Are Painting

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Hi Everybody! I hope everybody is doing good. Some of your e-mails have been asking about what we've been up to since returning from our walk in the desert. Well, lots of things!

1. continue work on settler colonialism episodes
2. working with Teacup on hegemony project
3. planted a mini-garden (then we ate it)

But the biggest thing we've been working on is to prepare for our upcoming Pinky Show exhibition at the University of Winnipeg Art Gallery. The exhibition is going to be from November 12 to December 12, 2009 and is titled Class Treason Stories (excerpts).


The show will feature a brand new video made specially for the installation, a whole bunch of big, hand-painted banners, a viewing station to watch old PS videos, and some other stuff. Bunny and I are working super hard to make sure it will be a fun exhibition to visit, but also that it will have some brain-poking function in regards to questions of class treason - especially "what is it?", and "what does that have to do with me?", stuff like that.

Here are some photos of the banners taking shape.

Special thank you to HR02 & HR03 who are allowing us to use their studio to paint all these big things!

For more information about the upcoming exhibition, here is a PDF flier from the UWinnipeg Art Gallery:

Okay, I better get back to painting now.

Take care,