Annoying Happenings; Good News; The Shopping Song

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Too many ridiculous things have been happening around here lately. We recently lost our work-space to termites and 50-year old asbestos. Then Pinky's computer died again (this is the second time already - it's getting pretty old) and right after I finally got that fixed, a tree blew down and took our internet cable with it. So we didn't have internet until today. Or telephones either, because we actually use the internet to place telephone calls. We've been going to the library to use the internet and also "borrowing" (*ahem*) wi-fi to make Skype telephone calls. Add to all this the loss of our t.v., cell phone, water heater, and nearly all of our project funding, the past six months has felt more like a low-intensity war waged against The Pinky Show by electricity, electronic devices and... the universe.

In between trying to deal with all this ridiculousness, we've been keeping busy. Whenever possible we work on Pinky Show stuff and the rest of the time Pinky and I've been looking for jobs. Ah, job hunting - is there anything more amusing in life? So if you see a large fluffy grey/white cat flipping your hamburger soon, I guess that means I've successfully integrated myself into "the workforce".

But it's not all bad news, we have some good news too. First one is that we've started work on a Pinky Show comic strip. This came about when the folks at Fuse magazine asked us recently if we'd like to put a Pinky Show cartoon in their magazine on a regular basis. Well, we like Fuse magazine a lot so of course we said yes. We've been talking about making a Pinky Show cartoon for a long time, but without an actual place to put it we just kept putting it off while we worked on other things. Good timing, I say - comic strips are a nice format because they don't require a lot of fussy electronic equipment to make. This may be a good medium for us to work in while we try to figure out how to fund the production of more Pinky Show videos.

Second good news: ...I forgot. If I remember I'll post it later.

Finally, here is a song that you may enjoy. Kim wrote it. (You know Kim right? Tiny, black, long fur?) It's a traditional cat-form song, which means that you can use any melody you like when you sing it. In fact, if you and your friends sing it simultaneously, feel free to sing different melodies at the same time, which sounds terrific. Enjoy.

I'll write again soon. Bunny.