Pinky Show at extra-curricular (Toronto, CANADA)

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The extra-curricular conference Part II is now over. Special thanks to HR03, who accompanied us to Toronto to do all the human being stuff that's generally expected at these things -  presentations, workshops, etc. He did a good job (*sound of clapping*).

Here is a list of the other participants who participated in Part II.

Center for Urban Pedagogyy (NYC, United States)
colourschool (Vancouver, Canada)
Dodolab (Waterloo, Canada)
La Lleca (Mexico City, Mexico)
Radical Education Research Collective (RERC) (Toronto, Canada)
The Pinky Show (middle of nowhere)
Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry (Toronto, Canada)
Ultra-Red (London, UK)
Annette Krauss (Utrecht, Netherlands)

We also did a joint-presentation with Winnipeg-based curator Milena Placentile for extra-curricular Part I last month (we did that one via video conference - awkward! - probably won't be trying that again until the technology improves...); the participants list is as follows:

Carmen Mörsch (Zurich)
Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández (Toronto, Canada)
Rodrigo Hernandez-Gomez (Toronto/Mexico City)
Andrew Hunter (Waterloo, Canada)
Michelle Jacques (Toronto, Canada)
Amos Latteier (Montreal, Canada)
Syrus Marcus Ware, Srimoyee Mitra and members from the AGO Youth Council (Toronto)
Darren O’Donnell (Toronto, Canada)
Milena Placentile (Winnipeg, Canada)
The Pinky Show (middle of nowhere)
Christine Shaw (Toronto, Canada)
Kim Simon (Toronto, Canada)
Stephanie Springgay (Toronto, Canada)
Daisuke Takeya (Toronto, Canada)
Maiko Tanaka (Toronto, Canada)
Xu Tan (Guangzhou, China)

A special, big thank you to Maiko Tanaka for organizing the whole thing. We hope you will come visit us soon.

Siya, the ice cream in the freezer is for you. xoxo