AIM sends Pinky Show a letter

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Couldn't believe this letter we received yesterday:

"From: American Indian Movement
To: Pinky, Daisy et al:
The San Francisco chapter of the American Indian Movement (AIM) would like to commend your work for its insightful, innovative, and broad-scoped examination and criticism of current human power structures.
AIM would also like to applaud the Pinky Show for its consistent attention to Indigenous issues and current struggles. We believe that open-minded dialogue and exchange between the empowered European colonial culture and the indigenous and non-human cultures of the world is critical to our common survival.
Yours in struggle,
Mark Anquoe
AIM-West "

Wow. AIM is one of those organizations that has been a huge inspiration to us, so it was more than a little weird (but in a fabulous way) to get such a nice letter from them. Still can't believe it.