Pinky Show has our own perfume!

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Actually, it's not perfume, but I don't really know what to call this. Our friend/badass indy curator/researcher/body-care alchemist Milena sent it to us all the way from Canada. She made it for us herself!


I guess my photo doesn't show the whole label, it says: "'love and rage', for The Pinky Show." Isn't that neat? And it smells AMAZING. Bunny, Kim, and I put some on and now we all smell super delicious! Who knows how such beautiful scents get suspended in oil, but maybe I don't want to know how she did it since the final effect is very similar to magic. Bunny and I are often very stressed out by our work but somehow this tiny bottle makes me feel very happy! ^_^

Thank you Milena! Much love and hugs from all of us here in the desert! xoxoxoxxo!


p.s. We miss you lots. Please come visit us.



Pinky is so dense. All talk and no links. Go here:

Just the Goods etsy store

Also, Just the Goods also has its own website.

I'm not saying Milena's creations are awesome because she's our friend. We became friends because Milena and her work are both awesome.

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