Disaster, compounded.

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With an earthquake-damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima exploding and spewing radioactivity into the  environment, now may be a good time to re-watch our Pinky Show video 27,000 Holocausts. Please pay special attention to the section near the end, where John Burroughs discusses the connection between nuclear weapons and nuclear power generation.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan is yet another reminder that NUCLEAR ENERGY IS NOT SAFE and remains an unacceptable "alternative energy source". As a starting point, please read the FAQs at NukeFree.org.

They are compiling related news reports on the unfolding disaster in their news section. Also, don't forget to visit the Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy website; it is a giant heap of excellent information.

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Posted by Kim, 3/19: Ralph Nader always tells it like it is: Nuclear Nightmare.