I Want to Punch Your Face v2.0 is now a PDF

Added on by PS Cat02.

Recently we ran out of I Want to Punch Your Face books. Since we still get requests for them Pinky and I decided to make it into a small PDF file and make it available for anyone to download from the Project Archives area of this website. Although I like it way better as a physical object (i.e., a real book) instead of a PDF,  printing a bunch of books is very expensive. Hopefully one day we'll be able to get it printed as a hardcover, resembling something like a small, old-fashioned children's book, which is the way we originally wanted it to look and feel.

Till then, I guess you can just make believe the PDF version is a nice hardcover book.


[ read / get it here ]

The file is pretty small (1.5MB) - you can e-mail it to all your violent friends.

Good-bye for now, I'll be back with more announcements soon.

Posted by Bunny.