Here comes Patrick Wolfe... "soon".

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We are editing our 2009 interview with historian Patrick Wolfe. Actually this is the second time we are editing it. The first time we edited it we thought we wanted to combine excerpts from Dr. Wolfe's interview with interview footage from other scholars all talking about settler colonialism. But, with a little push from our friend Giordano who very correctly pointed out to us that there isn't enough Patrick Wolfe stuff on the internet, we are re-editing it to present a large portion of the interview as a stand-alone video. I guess we can always interview other people about settler colonialism later, then we'll just have lots of stuff on our website about settler colonialism. Which would be a good thing. The video will also feature a full introduction by Pinky.

Yes, we are slow. If you simply can't wait to get your PS PW fix, you can read (parts of) his great book Settler Colonialism and the Transformation of Anthropology: The Politics and Poetry of an Ethnographic Event here.

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