Pinky Show included in large, heavy book

Added on by Drittens Cat.

We got this amazing thing in the mail today. At 4 pounds 2 ounces and 496 pages, this is the heaviest book the Pinky Show has been in so far.

According to the index, Pinky Show is on pages 390-91, 403,468, and 475. Nice! So what's it about?

"The geography of the visual arts changed with the end of the Cold War. Contemporary art was no longer defined, exhibited, interpreted, and acquired according to a blueprint drawn up in New York, London, Paris, or Berlin. The art world distributed itself into art worlds. With the emergence of new art scenes in Asia and the Middle East and the explosion of biennials, the visual arts have become globalized as surely as the world economy has. This book offers a new map of contemporary art's new worlds and documents the globalization of the visual arts and the rise of the contemporary over the last twenty years." (from the back cover)

Having said that it's kinda fascinating to me that this book was put together by a team of academics and museum professionals for an elite museum in Germany and is being distributed globally by MIT Press. That's funny, right? ^_^

Anyway, 'm sure Pinky will read this but it is a little too heavy for me.

Posted by Kim.