I am making things now

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Now that Bunny is gone I am really grateful for all the time I spent with her, learning how to crochet stuff. At first I thought crocheting was stupid because it takes forever to make things. I generally like stuff that's fast, like rockets or instant ramen noodles. But Bunny showed me how to appreciate the tedious process of turning long thin things like string or yarn into fake animals and interesting objects, and now I actually think it's kinda fun. The best part is that I feel like I'm forever connected to Bunny through everything I make, because I received the knowledge of how to crochet directly from Bunny.

I will keep going with this. I want Bunny to be proud of me, to see me being productive instead of just playing video games or reading comic books. 

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These are some pufferfish that I made. I made several so that I could find the right size. 

This is octopus prototype number 03. What I learned from this became the octopus in the Dreams & Nightmares of Empire poster.