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Bunny Mailbag: Obama, Forums, Legitimacy, etc.

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Okay, time for another round of answering e-mails.

Question 1: What are your thoughts on Barak Obama becoming the new President of the United States? - from Daniel Frogbrains

Answer: Hi Daniel, It's difficult to imagine a worse administration than the current one. Well, actually, I take that back, my imagination is pretty good. But I think Barack Obama will be noticeably less vicious in his approach to the environment, addressing social needs, etc., which is of course a very good thing. But I also realize that he's an elected politician in the United States of America, which means that much of what he does will follow the interests of whichever class is most successful in wielding their own form of power. Which is to say if ordinary working- or middle-class citizens do not insist on being reckoned with then I hope they are not too surprised if the upcoming presidency feels remarkably similar to previous presidencies.

Question 2: Greetings Pinky and crew, Why do you not have a forum set up? If your interest is discussion, then wouldn't providing a forum for discussion be a logical goal? I look forward to a response. - Mrrar

Answer: Hi Mrrar, I like your name. The main reason why we don't have a forum set up at our website is because we don't have the resources or time to implement something like that the right way. I mean, it would be easy to throw a message board together and let people go at it, but I can imagine things getting out of control very quickly. All of the online discussion forums we've participated in in the past have been "not very constructive". Discussing complex and difficult social issues doesn't seem to go well with the "anonymity of the internet" thing. I bet a lot of the very nasty people who we run into on the internet would never say such stupid things if we were talking with them face-to-face. But that seems to be a very common problem. Of course if we can figure out a nice way to get around this problem we will be very happy to reconsider. In the meantime, we will just continue making videos and other stuff for people to discuss among friends, family, in classrooms, or whatever. The internet is the vehicle of delivery for Pinky Show but we still think the most transformative dialogue happens offline.

Question 3: Based on previous donation rates, what is the chance that the Pink Show will survive? (also from Mrrar)

Answer: Not particularly good. Pinky and I are 100% committed to this project but the challenges are also formidable. A two-cat production team to do the all the work we do? Hmm, this is probably not sustainable. And Mimi, who does all the paperwork and accounting for the Pinky Show project, has never accepted even one penny for all the work she does (not to mention she is already totally overworked in her "real job" as a doctor). Also, giving all your programming away for free, while not accepting advertisements or corporate sponsorship, probably does not make too much 'economic sense' either. I don't think people realize how much time or money it takes to produce this kind of work. So for now we are just trying to keep going, doing the most cost-effective work for as long as possible, while we have our fingers (?) crossed that maybe one of us will suddenly get a great idea for how to make this all work. Pinky has lots of amazing ideas and outlines for episodes and projects but we can't afford to do any of them. Maybe later. Also I would like to take Pinky to the dentist and the eye-doctor.

And finally, today's stupid question, from Sean O'Brien: What is your nation of origin? The cat speaks excelent English with a passive tone and yet expresses aggressive Anti American goverment opinions. I do however detect an accent. For me to take anything presented serious, I need to understand and then be able to verify it's origin.

Answer: Hi Sean, Yes, we are all from France. Now you know why it is so difficult for us to contain our anti-American sentiments, because as you already know, all of us in France are genetically predisposed to hate freedom. Now that you have discovered The Truth, know that 100% of what we present cannot be "seriously considered". I have saved you much time, you are very welcome.


Oh, by the way, we have received quite a bit of questions & comments regarding the We Love Museums video, but I will leave it to Kim to respond to them when she has some time to do that.

- Bunny

Pinky Show Website Hacked

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The Pinky Show website was hacked yesterday. Bunny set to work right away and got things back to normal so our website is once again free from malicious code.

But for all PC users, if you visited us yesterday or today (November 11 or November 12), it is possible that your computer may have been infected with a trojan virus. As a precaution, Bunny recommends that you scan and protect your computer with an up-to-date anti-virus program.

This is not the first time people have tried to forcibly shut us down and I'm sure it won't be the last. But like I said last time, it's not possible to stop cats from doing something once we've set our minds to it. All attempts to silence us will ultimately fail.

~ Pinky, Bunny, Mimi & Kim

New Episode: Museums, etc.

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Hi everybody. We just posted a new episode - it's supposedly about museums, but actually it's also an introduction to the ideological nature of all cultural institutions. This is the first episode where Kim does the presentation and I'm guessing it'll be most popular with our friends in cultural studies, museum studies, studio arts, and other stuff like that. We'll be doing some follow-up episodes in the future on this subject-area, for now we just wanted to make a small opening. Here it is:

We Love Museums... Do Museums Love Us Back?

Also, I wanted to point out that we made a free, downloadable poster that goes along with the episode. If you want it, you can retrieve it (it's a PDF file) from the We Love Museums... entry in the episode archives list:

Pinky-in-a-museum-display-case poster

We've got a lot of stuff going on around here, please check back often as several of our episodes are entering the final stages of production and we'll be posting them as we finish them.

"Have you hugged your animal friends today?"

- Bunny

Elections Perspectives: West, Zinn, Chomsky, & Invisibles

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Over the past few months Bunny and I been posting some interesting stories about the U.S. presidential elections here in our blog. Today I have a few nice, short YouTube videos for you, posted in no particular order. Here come the elections - I hope you all vote! Take care, pinky

Cornel West:

Howard Zinn:

Noam Chomsky:

Two of the (Nearly-)Invisible:

[ video no longer available ]


[ Bunny: I want to punch Wolf Blitzer in the nose. ]

Lt. Watada Update

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We are very pleased to hear that a U.S. District Judge has (finally!) ruled that the Army cannot send Lt. Ehren Watada to trial a second time for the same charges - to do so is called 'double jeopardy' and would be a violation of his constitutional rights. As you may recall, the first trial was declared a mistrial by the presiding Army judge when he realized that the trial wasn't going as well as he had hoped (i.e., guaranteed conviction). With this additional setback hopefully the Army will just discharge Lt. Watada already - his term of service to the military was actually over in 2006, since then he's basically been held captive by the legal process and consigned to a meaningless desk job counting paper clips.

I don't know what will happen next - if we hear something we'll post it here.

[ Pinky Show Ehren Watada speech from 2006 ]

~ pinky

Lots of new stuff to report!

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We just released a new video episode - it's an interview with Clifford Thornton Jr. on the subject of The War On Drugs. Take a look at it in our archives.

Just published in the Conversations Area: an interview with Phyllis Bennis on U.S.-Iran relations. If you've ever felt "generally confused" about Iran and its nuclear program, possible U.S. military strikes, and so on, I think you'll find this article very helpful.

I added a bunch of new designs to our store including shirts, a tote bag, and stickers! Also, our Winter Solstice Shirt Fundraiser is back! Any 10 shirts in a box for $200! Wow, that's only $20 for a limited run, hand(paw?)-printed, super-soft premium shirt made in the U.S.A. by American Apparel! AND it has Pinky-drawn cats on it??? That's crazy! Place your order soon before our shirts run out.

Why is this important? Well, because...

...we have VERY LITTLE TIME remaining to meet our fundraising goals! The end of the year is fast approaching and the half-matching challenge grant from the Pierre & Pamela Omidyar Fund will go *poof!* after that. We've been trying our hardest to do all kids of relationship building and fundraising because we're looking for signs as to whether people think the Pinky Show project is worth supporting or not. 100% of all monies raised goes directly into the project - please help us continue our work.

Misc. Hawaii update:
We're still working on the Hawaii series. Pinky's already re-worked the intro section about 80 million times - which is okay I guess because that's the most difficult part and I don't want to force her to release it until she's satisfied. I'm sure it'll be pretty soon. Meanwhile the subsequent parts continue to move nicely towards completion.

Don't forget to take good care of yourself as you fight the forces of evil!

- Bunny

Greg Palast: Steal Back Your Vote!

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Now that the presidential elections are almost here, we've been getting more and more e-mails from people asking us who we're going to vote for. Well, as I've pointed out many times before, cats are barred from participating in human being elections.

But, for all of you people out there who (supposedly) can vote, you may want to watch this short video. BBC reporter Greg Palast (one of the more interesting, and dare I say it - entertaining - reporters out there) filed this short video report about how Republican & Democrat party politicians have been secretly engaged in a back-room struggle to rig the upcoming presidential elections. Don't go down to your neighborhood polling place only to be met with a unpleasant surprise ("No, you can't vote...") - watch this video!

This video originally appeared as part of Democracy Now!'s October 9, 2008 broadcast. You can watch the whole show (or read the transcript) by clicking here.

I'm guessing that after you watch the video you'll be feeling very, very angry - no problem, Greg Palast and Bobby Kennedy Jr. have already anticipated that. They've published an informational comic book (less depressing / funner than a conventional newspaper article) that you can download here if you want to know how to "steal back your vote".

[ ]

Good night,

The Financial Crisis

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What's happening? The Dow Jones industrial average is down 40% since its peak of 14,165 points a year ago, on October 9, 2007. That's a loss of $8.4 trillion. Is this a result of greed and fraud on Wall Street? Who is responsible? Has anyone gone to jail yet?

Kim and I are following the coverage of this financial crisis. Unfortunately, we often have difficulty understanding humans. (Just listen to the election debates – someone, or everyone, has to be lying.)

Trouble in the credit markets means no loans, and no loans mean no money. You may ask: Why are humans so dependent on debt? Here's a helpful video called Money as Debt - it's 47 minutes long but goes a long way to explain the current situation. Interesting how animated characters are easier to understand than humans in general.

Thanks to Matthew for sending us a link to this video.

Posted by Mimi.


[ note from Bunny: I like the information contained in this video, especially the first half which covers the "history of money". Not crazy about the drawings tho. ]

Naomi Wolf: The End of America

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I'm almost done reading this book, it's one of the best books I've read this year. I felt like I must post this video interview and I hope millions of people will watch it and then go out and borrow this book from the library.

"You will be shocked and disturbed by this book. Most Americans reject outright any comparison of post 9/11 America with the fascism and totalitarianism of Nazi Germany or Pinochet's Chile. Sadly, the parallels and similarities, what Wolf calls the 'echoes' between those societies and America today, are all too compelling." - Michael Ratner, Center for Constitutional Rights

"The time is now..."

Go here: [ American Freedom Campaign ]

Posted by Kim.

Leaked: Let's Install a Dictator in Afghanistan

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The minutes from a high level meeting between English and French diplomats in Afghanistan have been leaked to a French newspaper (Le Canard Enchainé). French government officials have admitted that the leaked information is authentic. According to the British Ambassador to Afghanistan:

• "The current situation is bad, the security situation is getting worse, so is corruption, and the government has lost all trust..."
• "The presence of the coalition, in particular its military presence, is part of the problem, not part of its solution... Foreign forces are the lifeline of a regime that would rapidly collapse without them. As such, they slow down and complicate a possible emergence from the crisis."
• The American strategy is "destined to fail."
• The only "realistic" way to unite Afghanistan would be for it to be "governed by an acceptable dictator" and the governments of the occupying forces (U.S., England, France, etc.) should begin preparing public opinion for this.
New York Times story here.

Obviously, no comment on the moral or legal implications of any of this.

- Bunny

Added 10/04

This cartoon by Matt Bors from GI Special 6J3 [ download PDF ]. Pass it around - it's what (some) GIs are reading. Thanks to HI-REDVET folks for forwarding to us. - B.